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Our virtual assistant program is aimed to help business owners in the wedding, event, and hospitality industry. No need to worry about if we know the industry lingo or catching us up to speed. We want to hit the ground running allowing for you to get back to what you enjoy and remembering why you started your business

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Our Services

Inbox Management

Answering emails and social media direct messages

Calendar Management

Lead Management

Client Communication


Clean out and organize your inbox

Create Client folders

Create Your Weekly to-dos

Managing online review sites

Sending thank you gifts to clients after their wedding

Keeping track of vendor information

Creating a timeline for the event

Vendor management and communication

Sourcing vendors, venues, and rentals (pricing, quantity, style etc.)

Creating a layout to maximize efficiency

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Holiday & Maternity Leave

Take that vacation or maternity leave and fully disengage and re-charge during your time away. We will handle your inbox and clients needs while you enjoy yourself and recharge! 

We can coordinate to assist with as little or as much as you like, from a minimum of 4 hours a week to full time, onsite or remote.


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